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What to Do with this Information?

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If you are not familiar with laboratory services, we suggest that you consider the following before collecting or submitting a sample for analysis.

Call the lab first. If you call us we will simply have to refer you to a lab as we are not chemists, we just compile the list. Carefully explain to the company representative the exact nature of your needs. Remember, it is your responsibility to let them know the details of your situation so they can give you their best information. The lab or consultant will then tell you which test(s) they can run, which test(s) would be the most useful to address your needs, what information those tests will provide, how you should collect and prepare the sample, and how to send the sample to them. Ask for an estimate as to how long it will take to receive the results. Often the lab has a maximum time limit they must observe in order to meet standards. If you can wait that long, the cost may be lower. Labs may also have a minimum turnaround time for the results if you are in a hurry; however, the price may be correspondingly higher.

Call labs within your geographic area if possible. Generally, it is more economical to ship samples to nearby labs. Obtain price quotes as well as information on what type of written report each lab will supply. Ask if they will provide any assistance in interpreting the results if you need it. Fees can range from $35/sample to over $200/sample depending upon the service requested. Prices are not standardized. Extra fees may be charge for services such as explaining the written report to you over the telephone, so be sure to assess all charges in advance.

Call as many labs as needed until you are comfortable that you understand the price ranges and testing services available to you. Try to avoid situations where you must find a lab immediately to perform a rush analysis.

Do ask about certification. Labs are certified for different procedures. Ask if the lab is certified for the area in which you are requesting the analysis. Ask the company what type of quality control they employ internally. How sensitive are their methods compared to what is technically possible to detect? The reproducibility of their results is important in that it assures you they are competent in sample analysis. On average, you will not need a lab that is capable of devising new methods that lower detection limits. If you do, please contact one of the person's listed in the section below titled How to Use This List.

If you are not familiar with consultant services, we suggest that you consider the following first.

Consultants charge a range of fees for a range of specialized services. Discuss your situation with them and ask for an estimated fee range based on your task list. Consider your options as well as investigating the consultant's reputation in the area in which you are seeking assistance.

How to Use This List

The Washington State Pest Management Resource Service (WSPRS) compiled this list by requesting information from laboratories and consultants providing services to the Pacific Northwest. Companies listed their own services; we required no independent verification of their claims. Inclusion of a laboratory or consultant in this list does not imply any endorsement by Washington State University. Any omissions are unintentional and can be remedied by supplying information directly to this database.

Services are grouped into general categories (chemical analysis, living organisms, nutrition, etc.) and only common services are listed. For information on how to obtain more specialized or sophisticated analyses, contact the following individuals in your state:

Washington: Dr. Vincent Hebert, WSU Tri-Cities, 2710 University Drive, Richland, WA 99354, (509) 372-7393, or vhebert@tricity.wsu.edu.

Oregon: Dr. Kim Anderson, OSU, 1127 Agriculture and Life Sciences Bldg, Corvallis, OR 97331, (541) 737-8501, or kim.anderson@oregonstate.edu.

Idaho: Steve McGeehan, UI, Holm Research Center, 2222 W. Sixth St, Moscow, ID 83844, (208) 885-7900, or asl@uidaho.edu.

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